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Collings Notes by Dr. Michael Collings, Grand Master of Horror review of Al Carlisle’s VIOLENT MIND: THE 1976 PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT OF TED BUNDY--Unmasking a Killer's Mind  Nov 3, 2017

Deadly Dreams: What Motivates School Shootings? Scientific American,  Frank J. Robertz  Aug 1, 2007

Desolate Souls, Anthology of the World Horror Convention 2008: Includes Orson Scott Card, Michael Collings, Linda D. Addison, F Paul Wilson along with Al Carlisle!

Dissociation and Violent Criminal Behavior, Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, Al Carlisle Dec 1, 1991

From troubled childhood to electric chair: The full timeline of Ted Bundy’s life and murder spree, Business Insider, Meghan Reinhardt, Feb 1, 2019

“Happy Face” is a Chilling Twist on a Classic True Crime Story, Maine Campus News, Kiana Plumer Nov 26, 2018

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I’m Not Guilty: the Case of Ted Bundy, interview with author Dr Al Carlisle, Hollywood and West Napa on 91.3 FM, Cat Smith Jun 10, 2014

Imagining Ted Bundy, Psychology Today, Dr. Katherine Ramsland Ph.D. Aug 24, 2012

Journalist who interviewed Ted Bundy from prison days after conviction 1979 admits even HE was charmed by killer who had teen girls 'spellbound' and got sympathy from the judge, Daily Mail, Leah Simpson Feb 9, 2019


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The Divided Self: Toward an Understanding of the Dark side of the Serial Killer, American Journal of Criminal Justice, Al Carlisle Vol.XVII, No. 2 1993

The Forensic Psychology of Criminal Minds by Dr. Katherine Ramsland

The little-known story of serial killer Ted Bundy's first girlfriend, Diane Edwards. Mamamia Magazine, Jessica Stavely Feb 23, 2019

The Mind of a Murderer: Privileged Access to the Demons that Drive Extreme Violence - Book by Dr. Katherine Ramsland

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True Murder Podcast, VIOLENT MIND-Dr. Al Carlisle, November 16, 2017 (Violent Mind is now "The 1976 Psychological Assessment of Ted Bundy")

TV Review Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, Impact Magazine Mar  6, 2019

Violent Minds: Killers on Tape, April 2023 A 9-part documentary serioes based on Dr. Carlisle and his more than 40 years of research on serial killers.

What Was Ted Bundy’s Childhood Like? Oxygen Network, Jill Sederstrom Aug 20, 2019

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